Project Development
Project Development - What we do
Carbon Afrika Development focuses on the implementation of Sustainable Development
Projects concentrating mainly on infrastructure projects, such as our Waste to Energy Projects
which involves the construction of  gasification waste treatment  plants, for the processing and
treatment of waste from the urban towns in West Africa. Opportunities to develop bankable and
sustainable business and projects within Afrika are ripe, driven by the strong economic growth
seen and forecasted.
The construction sector has seen strong growth levels. As cities grow and populations increase,
infrastructure development needs increase with it. Mining is also a strong growth sector as is oil
and gas. Governments are now more supportive to foreign investors who can bring in direct
foreign investment to spur on the growth of these economies.
Our function is to develop projects ourselves and to also support and work closely with local
project owners seeking investment. All our projects are validated and verified before promoted
to investor clients and have received local and where necessary Federal seals of approval for
engagement with foreign investors.
At Carbon Afrika, we stake our reputation on bringing the right client to the right
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